About Raen Coffee

Raen Coffee; a sustainable and eco friendly brand, was founded by Kara and Kree two loving sisters and best friends. As young girls they grew up with their mom having coffee every morning before work. The rich smell would fill their home. This meant only one thing, mom was up and ready to take on a new day. They believe coffee is far more then a pick-me-up, it brings people together and is the center of so many unforgettable memories. Like when they were young and would sneak sips of their grandparents coffee when they weren't looking. Coffee has been a common thread over the years for Kara and Kree bringing them together through so many different seasons of life. They now want to share their undying love of coffee with you! It is extremely important that coffee be practical but also enjoyable, and an experience that leaves you wanting more. Raen coffee allows you to enjoy rich decadent coffee, that’s perfect for at home, on the go or pretty much any scenario you can think of. Our single serve steepable bags, eliminate bulky coffee machines that take up a lot of counter space and produce an excessive amount of waste. Every pack is nitro sealed for optimal freshness. Each coffee bag is nestled in fully compostable packaging, so you can enjoy your coffee guilt-free. Raen coffee makes for the perfect simplified, sustainable coffee experience with no compromise on taste or quality. From the moment you tear open a pack the aroma of fresh coffee fills the air. Giving you a sense of warmth and comfort, just add water. Steep and relax.