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Raen Coffee

15 Count Ominous Blend & Tumbler

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Better together! Enjoy your Raen Coffee Ominous blend on the go when paired with your 16 oz Raen Coffee Tumbler.

Our decadent dark roast steepable coffee with notes of s'mores, savory dark chocolate, and sweet caramel. Made from Colombian coffee beans, each batch is micro roasted in small batches to deliver a smooth, true cup of coffee. 

For best results, pour over a 8oz cup of hot water.


Guilt-Free Packaging

Ultra-sonic sealed edges eliminates the use of glues and staples while providing clean edge

Nitro sealed for optimum freshness

Compostable Pack & Bag

*In commercial facilities only. Check your area

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8 x 10"

Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rachel Hough

I love this coffee, love this idea, love the tumbler and love their Instagram feed! Amazing!!!

A Decadent Treat that Does Not Disappoint

I’m obsessed with this coffee. I’ve had it iced, hot, with water, with oat milk (my favorite) and it’s soooo good. I highly recommend (no matter how you like your coffee).

Tastes so good!!

I bought this bundle and the coffee tastes amazing. And it’s so easy to make too, you just steep it like normal tea and it tastes even better than a lot of coffee I’ve tried. The tumbler was also SO CUTE and functional!

  • Spotlight On Our Packaging

    Outer Pack

    -Made using renewable and compostable material

    -High barrier for lasting shelf life

    Inner Pack

    -Full Immersion Filter for perfect steeping

    -Biodegradable non-GMO woven bag

    -Precision ground and Pre-Dosed for consistency

    -Enlarged bag for optimum brew ratios

A Simple Cup

A quality specialty cup of coffee from start to finish. Perfect for for any preference, or taste. Ready when you are for any on the go moment, or leisurely coffee hour.